Panther Elite Season Overview
  • Practice twice per week
  • Play 4-8 Exhibition Games
  • Compete in the EBLO Fall Tournament


  • No activities/ shutdown month

November – January

  • Volt Strength & Conditioning Program three times per week
  • Dr. Robb throwing assessment
  • Throwing sequencing program
  • Optional batting practice prior to Volt training

February – April

  • Baseball specific training twice per week at Blue Chip
  • Team Volt training once per week
  • Follow up evaluation with Dr. Robb
  • Some position specific small group training

May – August

  • Regular season games, tournaments and practices
  • Tryouts in late August

Off-season Program

Volt Training

  • 12 weeks/ 3x per week starting in November
  • Strength training app designed for sport specific training
  • Customizable for age and experience in weight training
  • Each exercise/movement is replaceable with a body weight exercise
  • Players have the workouts and programs on their phones so they can do the program on their own if they miss a team workout
  • Coach can track player accountability
  • Warm up and conditioning included in the app


  • Combination of steady state and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to promote lean muscle mass in conjunction with the weight training

Flexibility/Movement Patterns/Weight Transfer

  • Specific rolling and movement patterns to teach players how to move properly and efficiently and improve and maintain range of motion in the hips, shoulders, and rib cage
  • Weight transfer drills with medicine balls and dumbbells to improve players ability and efficiency in weight transfer
  • Movement patterns and weight transfer drills all supplied by Dr. Andrew Robb

Speed/Running Training

  • Running and sprinting techniques and training to improve overall running ability and speed
  • Instruction provided by a local high school track coach

Throwing Assessment

  • Assessments will be done in the fall, with a follow up in the Spring
  • Assessments and technique will be done in small groups with Dr. Andrew Robb
  • Dr. Robb will work through throwing mechanics and proper sequencing
  • Video analysis to be taken as well as drills to improve sequencing errors between upper and lower body
  • Provides a solid base to move forward to velocity training and avoiding arm breakdown

Baseball Training

  • Indoor at Blue Chip, runs from February 1st until April 30th
  • Team training 2x per week, 2 hour sessions
  • Focused on hitting/fielding/throwing/pitching
  • Some position specific small group training

In-season Program


  • Full team practice twice per week 2-2 1/2 hours each
  • Team batting practice at the cages once per week
  • Position specific small group training combined with all Elite teams
  • Speed and running training from local track coach


  • Most games are weekend double headers
  • 1 home double header and 1 road double header per weekend. We try for 4 games per weekend
  • Other exhibition games as scheduled by the coach


  • EBLO Fall Showcase
  • EBLO Spring Showcase
  • 2 American Tournaments
  • 1 Canadian Tournament
  • Elimination Tournament (14U, 15U, 18U)
  • OBA Qualifier Tournament (14U, 15U, 16U)
  • OBA Championship (14U, 15U, 16U)


  • Tryouts for the following season are held near the end of August