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Information and FAQ

As of 2022, we have introduced a new assignment system.  Here is the key information you need to know and answers to some FAQ.

From any of these links you will see a menu on the left side to choose all the other options.


Q: I see games listed but I cannot choose any of them for assignment

A: You will see all games but you will only be able to self assign games that are a) not already assigned ; b) eligible for you to choose.  It is normal to see games that you cannot choose.

Q: I have a TeamSnap account for my team but that doesn't work

A: TeamSnap for teams and TeamSnap for umpiring are seperate systems.  Umpiring is using TeamSnap Tournaments, the logins are seperate.

Q: Are there any things I need to know about the new umpiring scheduling system?

A: Yes!   Because this is a tournament management system you will see some artefacts of that including emails coming from “Kitchener Minor Baseball Tournaments” and schedules online that look a lot like tournament schedules.   We are working with TeamSnap to continue to work on having this as a regular league function but the capabilities we can get now are worth some of the oddities we may see.

Q: How will communications work?

A: Whenever there is an event (a new assignment, you have self assigned a game, you cancel your assignment, game time or venue changes etc.) you will receive an email from the system with the changes.  It is critical that you pay attention to these emails and that you read them when they come in.  Communications regarding changes will be automated as changes are made in the system and you will be notified through system generated emails.  Do not expect individualised emails, text messages or phone calls notifying you of changes or assignments.  You have to pay attention to emails and check your assignments dashboard regularly.

Q: What training do I need to complete and where do I do that?

A: All umpire training and certification requirements are available at

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Have you been an umpire with us in the past? Are you looking to join our umpiring crew?

Umpiring can be a challenging and rewarding experience. It's a great part-time summer job for teenagers; and for adults, it's a exciting way to stay involved in the game you love, while making some extra money.

If you are interested in learning more or registering to be an umpire for either House League or our Rep division baseball, please use the link below to register.

Umpire Information

Registration is required for both new and returning umpires so that we have the most up to date information. 

Umpire Game Pay

Division Home Plate Bases
House League
HL - T-Ball$30.00
HL - 8U/9U$25.00$25.00
HL - 10U/11U$35.00$31.00
HL - 12U/13U$42.00$37.00
HL - 14U/15U/16U$50.00$46.00
HL - 18U/19U$59.00$55.00
Tier 1 & Elite - Rep/Elite
Rep - 8U/9U$30.00$30.00
Rep - 10U/11U$44.00$40.00
Rep - 12U/13U$52.00$48.00
Rep - 14U/15U/16U$60.00$54.00
Rep - 18U (7 Innings)$84.00$78.00
Tier 2 - Rep
Rep - 8U/9U$30.00$30.00
Rep - 10U/11U$44.00$40.00
Rep - 12U/13U$52.00$48.00
Rep - 14U/15U/16U$60.00$54.00
Rep - 18U$74.00$68.00
Select - 8U/9U$30.00$30.00
Select - 10U/11U$38.00$34.00
Select - 12U/13U$44.00$41.00
Select - 14U/15U/16U$54.00$48.00
Select - 18U/19U$68.00$62.00