Part 1 – Initial Incident and Preliminary Actions:

– Tell the perpetrator/harasser that the behaviour and conduct is unacceptable, and ask them to
refrain from doing so any further.
– If the harasser repeatedly is asked to stop and does not comply with the request, get yourself
to a safe environment and then report the problem to the necessary individuals/groups.

Part 2 – Non-Compliance with the Harasser, report incident(s):

– It is extremely important that the incident is reported promptly after it occurs. The sooner it is
done, the faster that the resolution process can begin.
– It can be reported to the KMBA Policy and Conduct committee via email: admin@kitchenerminorbaseball.ca
– As mentioned in the policy statement: KMBA recognizes that harassment is a form of discrimination and is prohibited and protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act and enforced in every province and territory of Canada. Harassment/discrimination is offensive, degrading and threatening. It is also recognized by KMBA that any individual that experiences or is a witness of harassment reserves the right to obtain assistance from resources/authorities outside of KMBA.

– Keep a record of all incidents, interactions, conversations, names, and contact information for all that are involved with the situation.
– Please also include the location, potential witnesses, any other information that is believed to be helpful in the event that an investigation will take place.
– **Keeping this record of events and other information is not required, but will be extremely helpful in strengthening the case, and helping in the resolution process.

Part 3 – Internal KMBA Complaint Process:

– When an internal complaint is received by KMBA, it will be kept strictly confidential between the individual who submitted the complaint, and the KMBA Policy and Conduct Committee.
– The committee will review the complaint and promptly take the necessary actions that are required for the situation.
– KMBA recognizes that every scenario is unique and specific. KMBA will always be adapting its methods to meet the needs and requirements of all scenarios possible.
– The KMBA Policy and Conduct Committee will interview both the individual who made the claim and the alleged harasser. As needed, KMBA will also interview witnesses, bystanders, and anyone who is believed to have relevant information on the incident that could be useful to the case.
– If needed, mediation and discussion on the situation will occur between the members of the KMBA Policy and Conduct Committee. They will reserve the right to seek the appropriate authorities if it is deemed necessary.
– If significant mediation and discussion is unsuccessful, the committee will initiate an investigation into the matter with a lead investigator identified by KMBA.
– Post-investigation, if evidence is found that supports and proves the alleged harassment incident, then the necessary disciplinary action will be taken to the fullest extent required.

Disciplinary action can include, but is not limited to the following:
– Temporary suspension from KMBA-related activities and events
– Permanent suspension from KMBA-related activities and events
– Legal action as required and identified by law enforcement
– Appropriate course of action shall be determined by the KMBA Policy and Conduct Committee.

Part 4 – Documentation & KMBA Responsibility:

– No documentation will be placed on the complainant’s file when the complaint has been made in good faith, whether or not there was a finding of harassment. If the investigation fails to find evidence to support the complaint, there will be no documentation concerning the complaint placed in the file of the alleged harasser.
– Regardless of the outcome of a harassment complaint made in good faith, the employee lodging the complaint as well as anyone providing information will be protected from any form of retaliation by either peers or superiors. This includes dismissal, demotion, unwanted transfer, denial of opportunities within the company or harassment for having made a complaint or having provided evidence regarding the complaint.
– As mentioned in the policy statement: KMBA recognizes that harassment cases and claims can be potentially detrimental to someone’s reputation and their career. False
accusations of harassment that cause unnecessary use of resources of the association will be subject to possible penalties and/or suspensions.

It is the responsibility of all KMBA members who are involved on any level to take immediate and appropriate action to report or deal with incidents of harassment of any type, whether brought to their attention or personally observed. Under no circumstances should a complaint be dismissed or downplayed, nor should the complainant be told to deal with it personally.
KMBA seeks to provide a safe, healthy and rewarding work environment for its members. Harassment will not be tolerated within our organization. If you feel that you are being harassed, contact us. We want to hear from you.