Players Playing at Specific Age Groupings

KMBA recognizes that all players at any age level will vary in ability and skill. The association also recognizes that it is important for players to play with others at their own respective age levels. The association has implemented programs which include House League, Select, and Rep levels at AAA, AA, A that are aimed at meeting the many levels of ability and skill for anyone registering with the association.


  1. Players will register for the programs administered by KMBA based on their year of birth.
  1. Players will only be rostered to play at their own respective age level throughout the baseball season.
  1. Players may be “call-ups“ to a division one level higher than the respective division in which they are currently rostered but only if it does not interfere with their particular team’s schedule. This is at House League, Select, and all Rep levels. The head coach should receive the request first and then must give approval for the “call-up” to occur.
  1. “Call-ups” should not be limited to one individual, but due consideration should be given to others on any respective team.
  1. The only division where an individual may play at an age level higher is at 8U. This allows a 7 year old to play 8U and remain the following year at the 8U level. When this occurs the parent is duly informed that this individual will remain at that age level/division for a period of two (2) years/seasons regardless of the successes or other circumstances that may occur during the two (2) seasons. The individual will move to the 9U division only when they reach the age level for that division. The 9U players will all be born in the same year where they will be/be turning 9 years old.