The KMBA Board of Directors approved a policy change for our Players Playing at Specific Age Groupings Policy on Sunday, September 12th, 2021.

The new policy is:


Adoption of the Baseball Ontario Open U Policy
Effective immediately, all players can select to try out for any roster at their birth year, or older. For 2022 the following chart can assist players in identifying to KMBA in writing the player pool that they wish to be selected for:
8U 2014-2016 only.
Players born in subsequent years are not eligible.
9U 2013
10U 2012
11U 2011
12U 2010
13U/13U Girls 2009
14U 2008
15U 2007
16U/16U Girls 2006
18U 2004-5
Players will be placed in the tryout pool for their birth year unless they email Ellen Menage at and identify a different tryout pool that they would like to be placed in, 72 hours prior to the start of tryouts.
Players Refusing Assignment
During tryouts and the roster selection process, players are permitted to identify, upon their selection to a roster, that they are not interested in playing on that roster through communication with the coach that is offering them a roster spot. KMBA supports players choosing not to play on a particular roster that they have been selected for, but does not support players identifying ahead of tryouts that they are not interested in a particular roster. Only upon selection for a roster does a player need to communicate their position to the coach. Coaches may ask for clarification as to why a player does not wish to participate, and may involve KMBA operations team members and/or the other coaches in the age group in that conversation if they choose.