Jan 3, 2021 – Feb 13, 2021
Focus: Physical preparation and Skill development
Duration: 6 weeks

Team organized training

This period is the first team driven training period.  Coaches will work with KMBA to establish a mix of training classes directed by KMBA or Blue Chip Instructors and led by the team coaching staff.   Training sessions at Blue Chip Sports will managed in the Blue Chip Booking system and will be visible to families there.     Families may be pre-booked into classes or may need to register for classes at the direction of the team.  Check with your coaches on how this works for your team.

The Kickoff period also may include training at the University of Waterloo if your team has sessions held there.

Costs for team led training are included in KMBA fees.

Continued individual training

In addition to training arranged by the team additional skill packs and classes will remain available to be booked to provide enhanced training for those looking to do more.   There is no limit to the amount of training you wish to pursue.

Book training on the Bookings page