Nathan Laird

  • Grew up as a Panther in the Kitchener system.
  • Currently playing ball for the Brock Badgers in the OUA


  • Grew up playing in the Kitchener system.
  • Currently play for the Brock Badgers in the OUA
  • Current Summer team is the Kitchener Jr Panthers
  • Have played every position throughout career
  • Kitchener Minor/Intercounty Baseball Association Player Sr. of the year in 2015
  • Junior Intercounty Baseball Association league all-star in 2016
  • Former AAA Provincial Champion
  • COBA Baseball Rookie of the Year 2020


  • Big on process… need to know how to walk before you run. However, if you never practice walking, you can never expect to progress to running
  • I believe that physical talent is the baseline for great performance… however I believe players allow their mental take away from letting the full potential of talent show up day in and day out
  • I believe that there should be a focus on action and reps during in person sessions
  • I believe in addition to the in-person session there should be an onus on the player to work on drills at home and send video back to the instructor to analyze in between sessions
  • 5-15-minute zoom calls would be set up once the instructor has analyzed the video and feedback would be given and questions would be answered.
  • No two athletes are the same… build ball players not robots… I think programs and teaching styles need to be adapted depending on the individual
  • Becoming a stud is a long game and takes patience
  • Routine and preparation are vital to success
  • Big on extra things such as yoga, visualization, meditation, cardio, baseball specific training etc.